I’ve always hated writing artist statements because I felt as if they miss the whole point. The soul of the artist cannot be adequately conveyed through words just as their artwork cannot be verbally assessed without losing the meaning. True art directly connects to our soul and completely bypasses reason and logic. There are no words for the feelings created by art because the artist had no words. This is why he or she picked up the paintbrush, pen, or chisel to begin with. Art transcends the physical and directly taps into the metaphysical, whispering to our deepest longings within our heart. Unless the artist can inspire at least one person to gasp with pleasure upon encountering her work, she has failed.

I am an artist. I use color, line, and form to create a message on canvas, wood, and paper. In my lifetime, I have studied both the works of artists and the words of critics only to come to the opinion that the world of words is just a poor imitation of the world of art. This is not to say words do not have their own art. There are some authors who paint as vivid an image with their words as I can paint with my brush; however, when one tries to use words to define art, one finds herself adrift in a surplus of verbiage with no meaning.

But, this being a blog, I will attempt to use words to describe my process, my journey.

I had an early fascination with all things creative. My initial forays into the art world were pencil drawings on the back of church bulletins at age 5, then later, I created covers for programs for church productions.  In high school, I put together a significant portfolio of whimsical and romantic style drawings and paintings, branching out to take part in creating stage sets, more programs, and posters.  I furthered my art education at the Art Institute of Atlanta, then the University of New Mexico, and later, through constant self-education in the areas of medium and various crafts.  I’ve has taught classes, striving to further art in the lives of young and old alike. My portfolio includes portraiture, oil and acrylic paintings, charcoal and ink drawings, and various experimental treatments.  My love of art surfaces in every pursuit.

Goethe wrote, “Beauty is at once the ultimate principle and the highest aim of art.” It is my goal to uncover the beauty and expose it to the viewer.I resolve to bring light into the world… Just a little bit of joy, a little bit of comfort, a little bit of love… in order to somehow combat all the ugliness.


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